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iCue  is H-ITT's value based RF audience response system for K-12. iCue response units are built for reliability at industry leading value. iCue remotes work with H-ITT's software and base receivers to capture responses in large and small classrooms and capable of facilitating thousands of participants. iCue provides for the ability to receive ten unique responses ranging from true/false to multiple choice and validates for each participant that their response has been received.

The iCue3100 – H-ITT's "slim line clicker" is favored by K-12 because of its full set of features, compact size, rugged design and low cost.  

Dimensions: 4.75"x2"x .3"

Weight: 2.5oz


True False & Multiple Choice 
In-class paper based test mode - Supports Self Paced Individual Testing
Red /Green Indicator Light – Confirms receipt of question
31 RF channels – Allows for multiple Classroom setups without interference
200 ft signal range
Requires two AAA batteries (not included) – will provide approximately 1 year of battery life with normal use.

Download the iCue Product Brief