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IR (Infrared) Products

IR Clickers are a low-cost, entry level solution most suitable in the K-12 environment. The Clickers are battery powered, hand-held answering device used by students or participants to enter their answer to a question or a poll delivered through our response system software.

The base receiver stations connects to a computer via a USB cable for simple plug-and-play and portability. 

 H-ITT's IR response system solution provides a full feature cost effective interactive classroom with the industries fastest real-time responses.

iBright remotes (Part # TX1000)

iBright (TX1000) come in 3 bright colored selections with outstanding performance and reliability. They have a red / green LED that provides confirmation to the user that their answer has been received. They operate on a standard 9V battery (not included) and last over a year under typical use. They support the following question types:

  • Multiple choice answers (up to 10 multiple choice selections)
  • Self paced testing modes
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iBright Base (Part # RX2200)

iBright Base (RX2200) is an IR (Infrared) transceiver base unit that collects the signals from iBright remotes and sends the data to the computer. The iBright Base connects to a computer USB port or optionally has a serial interface that can link multiple iBright Bases for increased reception areas. This Base operates with a 455khz IR carrier and can receive up to 25 inputs per second.

iBright Base is packaged with software CD, a mini tri-pod for portable desk top placement, a fixed swivel wall mount for permanent installation, and a 6-foot USB cable.