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Welcome to H-ITT's Student Web Registration site!

Your instructor has directed you to this site so that the remote ID of your answering device can be associated to you for grading and reporting purposes.
It is important that you accurately fill in this form. If you do not know what information to provide for any of the required fields, please contact your instructor or you may contact support@h-itt.com with any questions.
*Registrations must fill in all fields marked with and asterisk (*) and any additional field(s) that your instructor requested you to complete.

 * H-ITT Class ID: The H-ITT Class ID is provided by your instructor.
 * Remote ID: The 6-digit serial number of your remote. Where can I find my Remote ID?
 * Confirm Remote ID: The 6-digit serial number of your remote.
 * First Name: Your first name.
 * Last Name: Your last name.
 * Student School ID: Your school issued student ID.
Email: We recommend using your official University email address.
Your LMS ID: Your student ID for your Learning Management System (BlackBoard/WebCT, Sakai, etc).
ScreenName: Optional: Your instructor will advise you if this field is required, maximum 9 characters (A-Z 0-9 only).
 * Code:
 Type this code in the box below.